Monday, March 12, 2012

A New Addition

After 9+ months of being pregnant, Tara, her husband Pat and her daughter Morgan (4 yrs old) welcomed baby Max to the world on March 4, 2012.

What better way to spend my Saturday afternoon than taking photos of this little guy with his new family? This is something I'd never done before, and to be honest, I felt a little nervous. This is a momentous occasion after all, one that should be captured perfectly. Even though I have now seen hundreds of various baby photos, I had no idea how this shoot was going to go.

It was better than I could have imagined. I had images in my mind, ideas about what I wanted to do, but going with the flow created something more magical than I thought was possible.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Snowking Castle Open in Yellowknife

Picture from Facebook:
When the days get longer in Yellowknife, NWT you know that March is here and that the Snowking has completed his castle and opened the doors to the public.

I haven't been yet, but noticed there were a few pictures on a new facebook page encouraging locals and visitors, past and present, to share their experiences.

Having lived in Yellowknife for seven years now, this festival is one of my favorites and I am happy to see that it is now in it's seventeenth year, quite the accomplishment for any local event. "Support the Monarchy" and pay this local icon a visit, open 12-5 daily with scheduled evening events on the weekends. It's worth freezing your butt off for!

I'm going to check it out tomorrow to see what the Snowcastle Craft Sale has in store this year! 

For further information on events: