Sunday, January 29, 2012

Evaporating Water in -30C in Yellowknife, NWT

I'm sure by now you've probably seen this video either on You Tube, the news, a blog or elsewhere. This is me in the video and my Aussie friend Kristen is behind the lens.

Here's the story: It was January 10, 2010 I had my friend Kristen and her friend Sommer visit me in Yellowknife over New Years. I had heard about this trick from a friend of mine, so I wanted to try it out and get it on film so my friends could share the phenomenon with their friends back home. Their reaction was priceless and the video turned out great.

We thought nothing of this video for the first year. It wasn't until 2011 when we started to take notice on the increasing number of views it was receiving. First it climbed up to 400,000 in a matter of days, it hit one million views within a week and has been steadily climbing since. This video has been on CBC, CNN, BBC and other national and international networks.

It was the bunt of a few jokes for Ray William Johnson, a popular YouTube comedian and has been replicated over 40 times on my channel since this trick went viral.

In the last week: Overall, this video has over 6.5 million views on YouTube, but in the last week (January 22-28) it has been viewed 70,382 times. Right now, the video is most popular in Japan, Russia, India, Ukraine and United States.

It's winter again and temperatures are sitting at about -40C in Yellowknife. This video might hit 10 million views by the end of 2012, here's hoping!

Oh, and if you are wondering if we are making a bit of money on this video, the answer is yes. When viewers click on the ads in the video, or on the page we get a certain amount, depending on the popularity of the video at that time. I recommend linking your videos to Google Adsense just in case you are the next big thing, you never know!

Here's another video of mine that is on the rise with 602,825 views:

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cycling Into the Dark

Many thoughts and memories come to mind of the Alaska and Dempster Highways when I think of this man's solo journey on bicycle this winter.

Brek Boughton is on a one man mission to bicycle unsupported from Vancouver, BC to Tuktoyaktuk, NT this winter. One can not imagine the journey he has decided to embark on, or reasons why, I certainly can't. For information on his journey, please visit where he is keeping a blog and updates via GPS Spot satellite.

Doing this trip in the summer, for me, was a feat in itself when the weather turned ugly. We were four girls in a very comfortable, but bumpy, Recreational Vehicle. There was barely any traffic at that time, so I can imagine the winter traffic would be even less. So far, in reading this man's blog, Brek has already ran out of liquids many times so far. He's been lucky though. People have been kind, offering drinks along the way. On the Dempster, I hope there are enough people travelling the road to keep an eye out for him.

Where is this man going to sleep at night? Most of us imagine, at the very least, sleeping in our vehicles and being able to turn on the car every once in awhile. This man will be lucky the Grizzlies are now asleep, but will his tent be good enough to withstand the winds?

He is averaging approximately 100 kms a day on his bike at this point. From Mile 0 of the Dempster Highway to Eagle Plains (KM 369) there are a few campgrounds, which are probably closed at this time of year. That's approximately 4 days of cycling without replenishing water reserves etc. Isn't that a stretch? Check out this map of the Dempster Highway to see what I'm referring to:

I'm a skeptic on this one, but am looking forward to tracking his progress and do wish him the best. I do love the Dempster Highway and hope he has a good experience.

What do you think?