Sunday, November 20, 2011

Aurora Arts Society 4th Annual Arts Expo

Today, Alex and I went to give our support to our friend Tawna Brown and the other artists that were exhibiting various forms of art media today at the Aurora Arts Expo.

Everything from photography, pottery, stained glass, watercolours, paintings to animations were on display for the wandering eye to see. The artists in Yellowknife were here to impress and did a wonderful job. We had to take one loop through to soak everything in before we decided on our budget and purchases.

Here are just a few items we walked away with today:

Alison McCreesh -
Cards, pins and prints by Alison McCreesh -
Cards, Ptarmis and paintings by Janet Pacey -
Cards and Photography by Tawna Brown -

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Arctic Adventures

For the past week Inuvik has been calling my name. Remembering the times I've spent there, the most impressionable was the first time, which was during the winter of 2007. That's when I went for my first snowmobile ride and that's when I fell in love with the White Huskies at Arctic Chalet and the peace and serenity I found.

It's hard to imagine liking a place that has zero daylight in the winter, is cold, does not have mountains and has a population of 3,500 people, but I do. The place I enjoy staying at, Arctic Chalet, feels like home to me. Everytime I stay there I am welcomed by approximately 50 White Huskies and hosts Olav and Judi.

When I told my mom that this is where I think we should go for our mother/daughter weekend away she told me she'd rather go to Edmonton to shop, gross. I hate shopping at malls, I hate the crowds and Edmonton is in the exact opposite direction my calling is coming from. I'm going to Inuvik!

So that's where I stand right now and I'm looking forward to it. I should mention that I don't have the cash to just whisk away to Inuvik for the weekend, I'm going there on a ticket I won at the spring trade show, courtesy of First Air.

I'm looking forward to the peace and quiet once again, but also the people that are there. The weekend I'm going, November 25-27, there's an annual craft sale which attracts artists from all over the Western Arctic, it's a great time to buy Christmas presents!

Dog Sledding with the beautiful White Huskies.

Cozy Cabins where you have your own kitchenette.

Summer hiking with the White Huskies this past summer. - K.Furlong photo