Saturday, April 9, 2011

One Way to the Arctic

Sometimes travel can be limited due to other commitments such as work, family or finances.

Flying to our rendezvous point in Whitehorse, Yukon from Vancouver, BC, Lesley will meet up with the group to drive the Dempster while I am driving from Yellowknife, NWT and Karen and Trudy already live in Whitehorse. 

I've mentioned in our plan that the four of us will be renting an RV from Fraserway in Whitehorse to drive up and down the Dempster. At the northern tip of the Dempster is Inuvik, which is where half of our party will depart to return back to Whitehorse and Vancouver. This is a great option for those that do not want to do the return trip.

My mother lives in Yellowknife, NWT and is very excited to do the return trip, she'll fly to Inuvik and drive back to Whitehorse with the remaining party. 

As a side note:  A trip to Tuktoyaktuk (try saying that ten times) is a MUST for this trip! The town tour is amazing, as is the scenery...

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