Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Caught on Camera

This came to my attention today while reading NWT Tourism's E-NWT.

Gwich'in Territorial Park
This park is a significant migratory bird staging area during autumn. Accessed along the Dempster Highway, have your camera ready to capture these winged beauties as they pause on Campbell Lake on their way as far south as Central and South America.

I'm thinking, WOW! Did we ever pick a great time to do the Dempster or what?! I know that Trudy is particularly excited about seeing different species of birds and will find this most interesting as one of our many stops along the Dempster Highway.

I (Samantha) do not have a particular interest in all the different species of birds, but do enjoy the sight of them and the challenge of catching one of those buggers through my camera lens.

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