Monday, April 11, 2011

Airfare is Booked

"Cool...I'm going on a road trip up the Dempster this summer with 3 other girls! Am just getting my ticket to Whitehorse right now." - Lesley

So what IS this "Dempster" highway we keep talking about anyway? You're probably thinking, what's the big deal, isn't is just another road?

NOPE! This is a life altering trip, we are acting as pioneers to Canada's great north. We've rented an RV to travel Canada's ONLY highway to cross the Arctic Circle! We're adventurers seeking beautiful landscapes and unique destinations. We're interested in the people that shaped this land. This trip is at a time of year where the colors on the land are all changing and the sun never sets.

The friends I (Samantha) have invited on this trip have only one common bond right now, me! Will there be more commonalities as we all get to know each other?



  1. Ahhh! So jealous. I can't wait to follow! Are you sureeee you girls don't want to wait until October when I am up that way? Haha! Have fun!!

  2. Sorry Becky, the RV is booked and we've set our vacation dates. I hope we do give you a few ideas though, just check the weather before you decide to drive the Dempster in October, it can get mucky that late in the year.